Who are we

The development interaction network has established its centers to work in the media, culture, human rights violations’ documentation, sustainable development and human development - DIN. DIN Helps in developing those areas to enable the Syrian society to express and defend its political, social, economic and cultural interests by democratic means guaranteed by the democratic civil state and based upon the experience of the Syrian civil activists’ efforts that are distributed on 1 main office and 10 branch offices inside Syria.

DIN efforts focus on good governance, security and the rule of law, environment and social dimensions, including the reintegration of displaced populations. DIN aims to stabilize human security and addresses underlying risks that contributed to the crisis.

The populations affected by the crisis require lifesaving support; their communities, institutions and livelihoods have often been physically destroyed and weakened. DIN works to restore services, livelihood opportunities and governance capacity of local councils, and support local grass roots groups. DIN believes the sooner the affected areas are stabilized, the shorter and more effective the recovery process is likely to be, where national and local institutions run by de facto forces or by the government will progress with providing basic services and assuming governance functions such as security, local administration and procedural justice.

Identity of Organization


DIN believes strongly that the conception of citizenship is drastically missing from the Syrian society, due to years of oppression and discrimination. We view citizenship as an active process that allows Syrians to participate in a democratizing force, regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation or economic background. We have identified a total lack of functional and independent civil society entities in Syria and we have therefore made this reality the focus of our existence as a network. Syrians everywhere need to be empowered to have an enlightened opinion and voice in the future of their country, especially in light of the ongoing war, and DIN finds itself mostly involved in creating the tools and the channels for this goal to be achieved.

Our Vision

To work on achieving a conscious and a creative sense of citizenship within the Syrian society, through a civil entity that advocates the concerns of the citizens.

Our mission

DIN is a Syrian network built around the expertise and efforts of Syrian civil activists. DIN operates in the fields of media, culture, documentation and sustainable development and directs its efforts towards the improvement of these fields.

DIN’s mission is to advocate and raise awareness through campaigns on the political, social, economic and cultural levels and to empower the Syrian civil society to be able to express itself and defend its interests through democratic channels ensured by a civil state.

DIN's mission is to contribute in the peace making and transitional justice processes towards a Syrian civil democratic state; where peace based on Human Rights, democracy and holistic participation.

DIN’s mission also focuses on the role of sustainable development in the advancement of society, through liberating humans from poverty, want, fear and oppression in all of its forms; in order to achieve the free, equal and just society that we aspire for.

Values we believe in

- DIN believes that civil action is necessity for the Syrian society to move forward towards justice, freedom and equality
- DIN’s activities and work are focuses on human rights, credibility and positive neutrality in dealing with the Syrian crisis
- DIN works in total transparency and collective decision making
- DIN believes in non-violent means in dealing with conflicts
- DIN believes in Voluntarism and service beyond self in particular when working in the times of crisis in the Syrian communities.