The Interaction Development Network DIN established in 2013 as an initiative by a group of civil society activists in Syria, based on the real need for a strong civil society, as the only and guarantor way to move forward in Syria to the post-war and reform stage.

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Structure: DIN is a Syrian network built around the expertise and efforts of Syrian civil activists and experts

Operation: DIN operates in the fields of human rights, media, culture, documentation, and sustainable development and directs its efforts towards the improvement of these fields.


DIN seeks to:

Change the exclusive decision-making mindset of the envisioning process that devalues the importance of civic engagement.

Emphasise the need for the citizens' participation in policymaking to guarantee human rights protection, civic engagement and civil rights, and democracy in Syria for all.


DIN efforts focus on:

Good governance.

Security and the rule of law.

Environment and social dimensions.

Reintegration of displaced populations.

    DIN works on achieving a conscious and creative sense of citizenship within Syrian society, and on supporting and advocating the concerns of Syrian citizens among the Syrian Diaspora.


    DIN is committed to:

    The adoption, development and activation of participatory democratic mechanisms.
    The enhancement of social cohesion initiatives contributing to the peace making and transitional justice processes toward a Syrian democratic state.
    The foundation of a Syrian democratic state peace based on Human Rights, democracy, and holistic participation.


    DIN is committed to:

    Advocate and raise awareness on the political, social, economic, and cultural levels.
    Empower the Syrian civil society to be able to express itself and defend its interests through democratic channels ensured by a civil state.


    • We support civil society and local communities initiatives and contributions towards enhanced social cohesion, integration and harmonized peacebuilding efforts.
    • We support Active groups and individuals in the field of freedom of expression.
    • We support and facilitate the foundation, mediation, negotiation, and open dialogues initiatives in the Syrian scene.

    Our Values

    Human rights and civic engagement.

    Transparency and accountability.

    Gender equality.

    Diversity and inclusion.